The inadequate introduction of the hubby and my plea for your help!

Husband: I really like your blog, baby. You’re doing a good job.

Me: Aww. Thanks honey!

Husband: I do have a small complaint though.

Me: [blank stare] Really?

Husband: Yeah. When you refer to me in posts, you call me things like “hubby” or “the hubs”.

Me: And…?

Husband: Don’t you think I should have a cooler, more macho nickname?


The conversation went on like this for a while, with him tossing out a plethora of nicknames that better described his persona and overall manliness. And he was right. The man I married shouldn’t be flippantly referred to as “hubs”. It’s not right, not for him.


But what was my nubile blogging booty to do? As an occasional post peruser, I knew that many women used the initials “DH” when mentioning their men. It took me a while, but I realized later that it was a commonly accepted acronym for “Dear Husband”. (At least I think that’s correct.) But, I don’t care for that term of (lacking) endearment any more than I do “hubby”.

The challenge, of course, is to create a nick that suits my man, but is also obvious to my super kickass readers.

One of my favorite writers, Jenny Lawson of The Bloggess, simply refers to her husband by his first name. But since my preference is to avoid using the real names of my post subjects, that’s out.

Ree Drummond, the infamous Pioneer Woman, gave her husband the moniker “Marlboro Man”. Now, that’s more like it. It’s clear who she is referring to, it suits her site’s theme and it doesn’t hurt that it conjures up images of that Stetson and tight jeans wearing rugged guy sporting a lasso and a mean 5 o’clock shadow.


I’ve been thinking about this for a bit, and this is where I need your help.

To help-you-help-me, here’s a bit about the man/the legend:

  • He’s a proud native of Northern Kentucky, and he is adamant that God resides in the Bluegrass State.
  • He served in the US Army for 22 years, and retired as a 1SG.
  • Bourbon is his mistress.
  • He believes he should have been born a cowboy. And he acts accordingly.
  • He’s a long, lean, red-headed machine.
  • He’s smart, sassy, sweet, generous and professionally, he’s got one of those big deal business titles.
  • And finally, he’s loads of other awesome things, but ain’t nobody got time for that! (He is on my about page, if you do actually got time for that.)

Right now, I have two diametrically different ideas. I’ll quickly explain both, and what I need from you is your unfiltered opinion and/or your other original ideas. You can do that for me, right?


Idea 1 ) GH


  • His actual, real-life initials are GH.
  • It’s similar to DH, so most people should get it.
  • Because he’s a great husband. Plus genius, generous, gallant, gregarious, goofy, grand, gorgeous, genuine, gracious, and a guardian.

Idea 2 ) John Wayne


  • He quotes The Duke semi-regularly.
  • As mentioned above, he should have been born a cowboy.
  • The two honestly, have a lot in common.
  • He would like it.

I suppose he could also be dubbed 1st Sergeant or Mister or Jack Daniels, if you please. But since I just cannot decide, I’m enlisting you wonderful people in my quest. Please use the comment section of this post to cast your vote for one of my DimWhitted ideas, or probably better yet, offer up your own original suggestions.

The hubs and I can’t wait to hear from you!





UPDATE: I’ll be announcing the decision this Friday during my regularly scheduled Fold-Up. Get your opinion heard now!

30 thoughts on “The inadequate introduction of the hubby and my plea for your help!

  1. I like John Wayne or The Cowboy. I call my guy motorcycle man. He rides a Harley and it’s kind of funny now because as blogging goes, now some of his own family and our mutual friends call him the motorcycle man, even complete strangers call him that. It’s kind of mysterious and very funny because mostly he drives his Ford F150 with an occasional hop on the bike (weather has to be PERFECT)

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  2. Thanks for your suggestions! And Motorcycle Man has something in common with Cowboy…they both saddle up to a Ford F-150 most days.

    Your vote has been officially tabulated!


  3. First, tell your husband a HUGE THANK YOU for his service to our country from my family. Second, I would just refer to him on your blog as 1st Sgt. or how about The Awesome One? That would help out the ego there. I have a blogging friend that calls her husband The Other and another that calls hers Mr. Kelli.

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    • I’m sure he’ll see your thank you, Bonnie, and he’ll appreciate it! 1SG and The Awesome One (Lord knows he’ll love that) will be added for consideration. Thanks for the help!


  4. The only thing better than 1SG would be YES 1SG, but I can see how that might confuse your readers. I’m not against The Duke, but a few of your younger readers may wonder what exactly he is the Duke of. *singing* Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl … . Wait a second, did I just reference a dated reference with another dated reference?

    John Wayne has my vote.

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  5. I like your post…very funny!! Does your husband have a preference? I like Cowboy the best as it really embodies all the traits you described your husband as having. I agree with the person who said The Duke would be confusing. People might think he’s British!!

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  6. Well, I must admit, I am not a big fan of John Wayne. I think The Duke would be acceptable, but what about The Man? Kind of obvious, yet just enough of an ego-boost to possibly appease his highness lol. Or maybe The Dude? Or Sg Awesome? GH would be acceptable, yet you strike me as a gal who leans more toward the less obvious. 🙂

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  7. Ha– you definitely need to name him after some sort of bourbon. I thought of Maker’s Mark immediately– kentucky, red wax, etc. etc. but that’s a super awkward nickname so I’m of no help.

    I call my boyfriend The Boyfran on my blog…. because that’s what I also call him in real life… I’ve wondered what on earth I’m supposed to do when he puts a ring on it though. These are the sorts of problems in my life.

    Good luck on the picking!

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    • Aussa, I agree. He’s Kentucky and bourbon through and through. Maybe Mr. Bluegrass? Or Big Blue? Although with that red hair, Big Red might be more appropriate. Hmmm…Big Red…I like it.

      As for Boyfran, perhaps one day you’ll be calling him Husban. 🙂


  8. Wait, wait, WAIT! I’ve got it. How about “Grit Man” – let me explain my thinking. “GR IT” a bit of both his first name and last name….PLUS John Wayne made a “little” movie called True Grit. OR you could call him True Grit because he is a very “true” guy aaannndddd he has a lot of grit.

    Your welcome.

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  10. Love this post!!! I although so have tagged my hubby as…. well… HUBBY. I hate the term. It is just so very generic. And vaguely smug sounding. I am so not smug, and neither is he. He is, however, a HUGE John Wayne fan… so The Duke or just Duke will do just fine. However, I also have a brother-in-law “tall as the sky” bourbon man we call Kentucky. On account of that’s where he’s from. It fits, it’s manly, and has bourbon written all over it. And can I just say – I love that he is ginger. A Ginger Duke is the best Duke of all. 🙂 (pleased to make your acquaintance, thanks to Storytime with John… I’m Mother Hen!)

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    • Hi Mother Hen! Nice to meet you! Sounds like you married into quite the manly family, as did I. I can relate to this entire comment and would also like to mention that “The Duke” was in the final running.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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