Truth be told, I think I’m doing Throw Back Thursday wrong.

I admit it. Being in your 30’s sometimes means you’re only partially “hip”.

Which is why for months, when friends posted Facebook statuses with the hashtag #TBT (at least I know what a hashtag is), I thought it meant “Truth Be Told”. When that acronym started making less and less sense, I finally sought the guidance of a much younger cooler pal, who informed me it actually stood for “Throw Back Thursday”.


Well, kiss my vintage, that makes much more sense!

However, I still think I’m doing it wrong. For the most part, it seems as though people take TBT as an opportunity to post a nostalgic picture. And many of those photos are quite sweet.

But at least on this particular Throw Back Thursday, here was my weird-ass train of thought:

Hmm. I’m feeling a little chuckle deficient today. Wait! I know what never fails to get me giggling. That Taylor Swift song parody with the goat in it! Yup, that’ll do swell.


Considering that video was released well over a year ago, posting it alone should count for a TBT contribution, right? But oh no no, my brain didn’t stop there. Where did it wander to next?

Hey, remember that time in 2004, when that one dude who was running for President lost his shit during an impassioned albeit off the damn rails speech, and let loose a manic scream and it was kinda hilarious?


And then I started imagining what Taylor’s song would sound like when replacing the goat cries with Howard Dean’s lunatic screech.

And if I had adequate computer skills, you know I’d mesh those videos together so you could see what I mean. And that would be my TBT contribution. And, that’s why I think I’m doing Throw Back Thursday wrong.

Maybe I actually should just post a nice nostalgic picture instead, like the rest of the good boys and girls do.

Mommy and me, circa 1984?

Mommy and me, circa 1984?

Yup. That’s decidedly more appropriate.


11 thoughts on “Truth be told, I think I’m doing Throw Back Thursday wrong.

  1. And now…speaking of a “throwback”. That’s what I am. I was in college when that sweet picture of you was taken. AHHCK! 😉 I’m more than a little bummed there was no video for your Taylor/Politician Dude idea. That’s all kinds of awesomeness.

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  2. Believe me when I tell you, Linda, I tried remixing that video so many times. Technology, why must you fail me?!?!?! Why are the goat people so much smarter than me?!?!?!?!

    Oh, and I think YOU are all kinds of awesomeness, truth be told. 😉


  3. Doing it wrong! Oh hell no! I think you may be the only one doin’ it RIGHT!
    If I see one more baby pic on FaceBook of someone I went to HS with I am gonna blow chunks.

    Love the two vid clips.

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  4. Holy Hell, that was funny to watch. I had NOT seen the Swift one, but I was just watching the Goat’s interjection into that frozen song last night (again) (and again, and again) and I seriously cannot get enough of goats interrupting serious 20-30 year old girls mid-song. Seriously. I need more of that and YOUR writing. So, keep it up! 🙂

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