What’s trending in the news today? Kim and Kanye can suck it and America is awesome.

My faith in mankind may have just been restored, you guys!

We have a pretty patriotic household, and we’re proud of it. My husband’s service in the US Army means that, like many of you, we feel a certain amount of reverence on holidays like Memorial Day. We are acutely aware of it’s true meaning, and although we’ll enjoy a few too many adult beverages and fire up the grill like most people will, we’re also sure to be humbled by the profound respect we feel towards those who sacrificed everything. It’s a pretty big deal.

But today as the hubs and I sat watching our normal morning news programs, I started getting just a little irritated when I began noticing a slight deficiency in quality Memorial Day segments, and a longer-than-it-should-have-been story on Kim and Kanye’s landmark nuptials.

kimye wedding

Photo courtesy People Magazine. Shitty comment bubbles courtesy dimwhit.

No, I’m not bitter.

Yes, I love celebrating love.

No, I don’t think every news story today HAS to be patriotic in nature.

But, yes…I do get a tad nauseated by what the media sometimes chooses to emphasize, and when it comes to repeated eye rolling at the sight of most reality “stars”,  I stand guilty as charged.

My annoyance prompted a quick look to see exactly what was trending for today’s searches. I mean, our morning programs seemed to believe more people were interested in Kimye (gag me already with the cute couple names) than they were in our veterans. Could it be true?!? I held my breath as I hit return on my keyboard. But to my relief, THIS is what I saw:

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 10.36.53 AM

Thank you America. Thank you. The West/Kardashian brood didn’t even make the top 5! And while they may be in complete panic mode, my faith has been momentarily restored.

Kim and Kanye, congratulations…and suck it. xoxo

Have a great Memorial Day everyone!


21 thoughts on “What’s trending in the news today? Kim and Kanye can suck it and America is awesome.

  1. This was so much fun to read. I agree completely — Memorial Day is important to me, but I know it’s the “unofficial start of summer” for many. I don’t begrudge others’ enjoyment, but I’m very relieved that K&K didn’t show up in that top 5! Thank you!

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  2. That is pretty awesome 🙂 I wouldn’t have expected those results. I was pretty disappointed yesterday when Maya Angelou was trending way at the bottom of my FB page…. It eventually moved up, but it took a while. C’mon people.

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  3. Oh it drives me bananas when they consider that type of thing news. Like who really cares who looks better in that stupid dress normal people can’t afford anyway. Argh. I’m glad they didn’t make the top five trending. lol

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