DimWhit’s Friday Fold-Up: DimDog Included.

I’m feeling a tad guilty because during last week’s Friday Fold-Up, I promised to acquaint you all with my ding-dongy, doggy daughter – DimDog – sometime throughout the week. I never got around to it, but in my defense, I was hoping she would do something interesting enough to be post-worthy.

But she didn’t. Continue reading

Truth be told, I think I’m doing Throw Back Thursday wrong.

I admit it. Being in your 30’s sometimes means you’re only partially “hip”. Continue reading

My MacBook provides me daily affirmations! (and yours will too)

Yesterday, one of my favorite bloggers, Jenny Lawson of The Bloggess, came a tad unglued when feeling taunted by the ‘control’ button on her keyboard. What is that key for anyway??? She must have been on my mind, since I just happened to write about her yesterday in this post. I like to think it’s because we’re soul sisters, therefore granting me some kind of sixth sense that allows me to hear her cries of frustration carry over the vast, complex interwebs. Continue reading

You’re right fellas – women aren’t funny: Exhibit A

We all know women aren’t funny. Continue reading

What’s trending in the news today? Kim and Kanye can suck it and America is awesome.

My faith in mankind may have just been restored, you guys!

We have a pretty patriotic household, and we’re proud of it. My husband’s service in the US Army means that, like many of you, we feel a certain amount of reverence on holidays like Memorial Day. We are acutely aware of it’s true meaning, and although we’ll enjoy a few too many adult beverages and fire up the grill like most people will, we’re also sure to be humbled by the profound respect we feel towards those who sacrificed everything. It’s a pretty big deal. Continue reading

Loved by a soldier. We should all be so lucky.

379594_10152874401135136_950292481_nMy blog is typically where I like to share my often crass sense of humor. But for today’s post, I’m trading in my snark for sincerity. In honor of this very special holiday weekend, I’m choosing to take a moment to pay tribute to the soldier who loves me. (And if you indulge me this, you will be rewarded below with some of the cutest pictures you ever did see.) Continue reading

A bright, shiny day for the dimwhit – weekly recap included!

awardmeI just completed my first full week as a blogger, y’all!

[insert shameless strutting and booty shaking here] Continue reading

Happy belated birthday, Donald Sterling!

birthdayboydonaldsterlingI was in a bit of a panic this morning when I realized that on April 26th, I had been negligent in celebrating the 80th birthday of good ole’ boy, Donald Sterling. I mean, in my defense, I was probably busy that day doing things like being-a-better-freaking-person-than-him or having non-racist conversations with my other crazy non-racist friends, (you know – mind-boggling stuff). Continue reading

Where were you the day of the chicken parmesan and spaghetti noodle crisis?

On a typical day, I am cool as a cucumber. I swear.

I am the quintessential social diplomat. I avoid confrontation. I’m calm and level-headed. Most things tend to tickle my funny bone long before they ruffle my feathers. That’s just how I am. Most of the time it’s good to have a long fuse, and sometimes maybe not. But that’s my personality. I let things roll off my back and I simply don’t get pissed off very often. Continue reading

dimwhit tells the future…

From time to time, I enjoy dusting off my crystal ball and sharing a few bold predictions with my readers. And though I’m not a professional clairvoyant, I’d like to hope that my occasional dip in the tea-leaves is accurate more than 10% of the time.

And let me tell you folks – I’m feeling pretty confident about my first foray as an oracle. So basically, mark this shit down. It’s gonna happen.

Light a candle and open your minds. My first dimwhit prediction is:

____________[insert drumroll]______________ Continue reading